Ragnarok Online

Версии «Miranda for Windows Search»

  • Aded support for Miranda IM 0.10 interfaces
  • Fixed plugin registration under strict Windows 8
  • Fixed many warnings
  • Fixed Windows XP compatibility
  • Project updated up to VS2013

  • Optimized reindexing on Miranda IM start
  • Added extended messages view in Internet Explorer (added external html-template)
  • Added "Reindex" menu items
  • Added setup
  • Fixed registration in Miranda IM 64-bit
  • Fixed delay on Miranda IM exit

  • Added immediate indexing of new messages.
  • Added support for Updater plugin.
  • Added plugin self-registration on Miranda IM start.
  • Tested on Windows XP successfully.
  • Major improvements.
  • Fixed tiny memory leak.

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