Ragnarok Online

Версии «Miranda for Google Desktop»

  • Project upgraded to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Headers upgraded to Miranda IM 0.7 and implemented required interfaces
  • Updated Google Desktop API
  • Added Unicode support
  • Added translation support
  • Added 64-bit support
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations
  • Updated icons
  • Service name changed to "Google/IndexThis"

  • Improved history indexer (Indexing is done in a thread)
  • Fixed bug with UniqueID. now the unique id stuff should work :)

  • Added history indexer, you'll see it :)
  • Added some workaround hack around missing unique conversation id. basicly now i have one, but it works very simple, if timespan between messages is less then 5 min, then the conversation considered to be the same
  • Added some bug :( with google showing some (almost all) messages in wrong time order
  • Workaround for breaks in messages that looked very ugly in google, now i simply remove all hard brakes from messages, and let the google do word wrapping. - it looks much nicer now. (Later i'll add an option to disabe it)

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