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SLAP - Second Life Avatar Probe

Second Life Avatar Probe (SLAP) - a simple online-notifier (onliner) shows a Second Life friends list (program gets data directly from the secondlife.com site) and notify you about friends switched online or offline. By default friends list updated every minute.

Second Life Avatar Probe (SLAP) Main Window

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  • Popup notification when friends goes online or offline;
  • Shows friend picture, both names and location;
  • Notification customization;
  • Alarm mode;
  • Quick actions:
    • teleport to the friend (if possible);
    • open friend's web-profile;
    • copy a friend's name to the clipboard.
  • Run at Windows startup;
  • Auto-update.


Program downloads friend's pictures every 2 days and saves to the disk to "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Raspopov\SLAP" as PNG-files.

Second Life Avatar Probe (SLAP) Options


Enter, double MLB1) Avatar Options
Alt + double MLB Open Web-Profile
Ctrl + double MLB Teleport To
Shift + double MLB Simulate notification
Delete Delete selected avatar 2)
F1 Open this web-site
F5 Refresh list
Ctrl + P Global Options
Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Insert Copy to the clipboard
Shift + mouse Snap main window to the screen edges
MLB - Mouse Left Button click.
Makes sense only for already deleted avatar within game.

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