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Miranda for Windows Search

Miranda IM for Windows Search

This small plugin for Miranda IM will make available all chat histories in standard built-in Windows Search.

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Miranda IM for Windows Search on Windows Vista Miranda IM for Windows Search on Internet Explorer


  1. Install plugin (plugin files can not be just copied in Plugins folder).
  2. Start Miranda IM and wait for indexation completion.
  3. Use any Windows Search compatible application to search message for example inside Start menu.
  4. Use Internet Explorer for found messages.


Compatibility with Windows XP

You must have Windows XP SP3 and install Windows Search 4.0

Compatibility with Windows Vista


Compatibility with Windows 7


Compatibility with Windows 8

Congratulations, Microsoft™ dropped support for Windows Search in Metro/Modern/Apps search bar. You must use any desktop application for example Windows Explorer or start menu from Classic Shell.

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