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DB Autobackuper

DB Autobackuper plugin for Miranda IM

This small Miranda IM plugin (db_autobackups.dll) will create a backups of database (profile) when Miranda IM starts, exits or on regular basis every X minutes, hours or days. Backups stored in user specified folder as zip-files. This plugin also supports Folders and Trigger plugins.

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Previous version of this plugin can be found at dbmmapmod project.

  • Backups now saved as zip-archives
  • Added smart variables for backup folder path
  • Added 64-bit version of plugin
  • Added translation template
  • Added new icons
  • Removed progress dialog
  • Fixed popup messages
  • Fixed extra delay (1 minute) of periodic backups
  • Fixed several crashes and memory leaks
  • Sources converted from C to C++


Copyright (C) 2005-2015 chaos.persei, sje, Kildor, !Billy_Bons, Vasilich, Nikolay Raspopov.

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